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Breaking news

Today Amélie took her first steps!

It was a very proud moment and Nazz and I are happy that we were both there as she toddled between us without holding our fingers for the first time. She got so excited with the whole business of standing up and walking that she kept giggling and collapsing when we tried to get her to do it again. Photos to follow soon!

T + 41

Amélie is 41 weeks old this week. We have gone full circle together and she has been ‘out’ of me for as long as she was ‘inside’. I think this is quite an important milestone and life is feeling almost normal again. Normal probably isn’t the right word because things certainly aren’t as they were before but there is a new balance and a new routine. I have gone back to work for one and Amélie has started crawling and now spends her days at nursery.

This certainly seems like a very long time ago:

A 12.jpg

On the move

Amélie is trying very very hard to crawl. She is at the stage where she moves but you can’t quite see it unless you leave the room and come back to find her in a completely different place. She also loves to pull herself up and spends all her time busily exploring.

23 June trying to crawl.jpg


Ok so it may have been a bit premature to announce this six months ago- perhaps a more experience mother would have know better…I promise I didn’t imagine it…. But now at last I can say with confidence that Amélie has two very sharp ridges on her lower gum. She has been chewing away on all sorts of teething rings and seems fascinated by my teeth.